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Here at AiG, we are often blessed to receive wonderful feedback from our supporters. At the conclusion of each of the hundreds of teaching meetings that we deliver each year, a survey is sent to the individual who requested our presence. We want to be sure to ask for their input as we continually seek ways to improve our seminars. Here is an example of comments that we received just this week concerning recent ministry with Buddy Davis:

We have all been taught evolution, and your ministry has opened up so many eyes and pointed many back in the direction of recognizing God’s Word as true and absolute authority over all creation – including creation. Josiah (AiG staff) was wonderful to work with all the way through the process. I had so many people comment to me how nice he was and professional and he was a blessing to us all. I received many compliments for Buddy and Kay as well. They were so sincere and genuine and so knowledgeable. Many commented about how friendly they were and loved that they mingled and talked to people one on one both before and after the event. There were many (believe it or not) who didn’t know much or anything at all about AiG’s ministry who have become excited about it and will become supporters because of the professional yet friendly and very knowledgeable AiG representatives. It was very fun too!

— R.S. Ohio

If you would like to explore the possibilities of hosting one of these in-demand, informative and encouraging AiG events at your church, please go to our Request an Event page or call us at 800-350-3232 Ext. 403.


101706_1.jpg 101706_2.jpg AiG’s newest staff member, with her own security badge, is now working full-time at AiG. She is the second dog in our canine unit—and her name is Kayla. She recently did duty in Iraq and has undergone specialist training for her security job at AiG. I have enclosed a photo of Kayla and one of her with her handler (an AiG security officer) on our own training course.

This week is a busy week at AiG—our board is here for three days of meetings. We also have other special guests, and on Saturday we have a fund-raising banquet for the Creation Museum.

Please be in prayer for the board, as this group of Godly men seek the Lord’s wisdom in making decisions about AiG.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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