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A report (with color photographs) made the front page in the Kentucky Enquirer (and front page news in section B as well).


The photograph shows me holding up the newspaper this week to show all of our staff. Mark Looy happened to tell the reporter that we increased the budget by $2 million (deliberately—it was not a cost overrun) because we realized we had to expand the Lobby, expand the Café and provide extra parking because statistics indicate a much bigger attendance than we originally projected. Have a look at the somewhat misleading headline. We are thankful, however, that the report was reasonably accurate. You can read the article in the online edition: The Enquirer—Creation Museum costs rise.


101806_1.jpg Dr. Mark Jackson (shown in the photograph taken this morning at the AiG staff meeting), AiG board member, challenged the staff concerning missions at a special meeting of the staff today. Dr. Jackson is at AiG for a Board of Directors meeting over the next three days. You can listen to his presentation here.


101806_3.jpgAiG’s Board of Directors, in town for three days of meetings, took a tour through the Creation Museum Wednesday morning to catch up on the latest construction. This photograph shows them in the Babylon Room where the topic of the Tower of Babel and origin of “races” will be dealt with.

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