Some excitement at AiG today!

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This afternoon, a helicopter landed in our back parking lot and took a number of AiG photographers on a flight over AiG to get photographs of the offices and Creation Museum.

I’ve attached three of the hundreds of photographs taken today. The photos will be used for promotional purposes, etc.

090606_1.jpg 090606_2.jpg 090606_3.jpg


A supporter wrote:

Recently while discussing Noah's Ark with my children, I asked them to name Noah's sons. After one child had answered, "Shem, Ham, and Japheth," my younger daughter responded, "I thought it was Ken Ham and Japheth!" We thought Ken may enjoy this.
Please pass on my thanks to Ken Ham for the talks he gave in Oxford on 02 Sept. I was the sound guy and wasn't planning to stay for the final session as my colleague was taking over. However, it was so good that I had to stay. "Why won't they listen?" just made so much sense and really encouraged me to visit your website and dig further. Its like a new meaning to my faith. SO please pass my thanks and encouragement to Ken.

Dr. Dave Crandall, Director of AiG Worldwide Outreach passed along this praise report:

I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for the materials you have send us which I collected yesterday 28/08/2006. The materials you have send us are really wonderful, both the books and the CDs are a blessing to many in our church and community. I do not have a DVD player myself with my family but we have watched by now 3 DVDs you have send us at our Senior Pastor's house.

The books are wonderful and I am very careful with the books so that they will not be torn---so I give responsibility to the one who takes the book to look after it so that others will read also. I am giving the books to people to read in our church and I expect them to return in exchange for another book again. Thank you, I am excited and many in our church are blessed and happy with the materials. It is our prayer that may God bless you continually as you work towards winning many to Christ through the teachings. We pray that may God provide all the resources that you may need to keep on doing this great work. We also pray that you may continue helping us with these materials every time if funds permit. Thank you once again and may God bless you.

As well as many meetings, I did two radio interviews today. Tomorrow Mark Looy and I record the next 45 radio programs for the daily Answers radio program. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon doing my final edit of the scripts—Mark then spends more time putting the final scripts together. Mark has already spent many hours in getting the scripts in order—a LOT of work goes into just one radio script, and we have to have 45 done every two months.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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