AiG, gay and lesbians, and Planned Parenthood at Black Family Reunion

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AiG was thrilled to be a participant in the recent "Black Family Reunion."

The event was a great success—many contacts were made (including the African-American Chamber of Commerce), 176 people signed up for the newsletter, and thousands of booklets were handed out over the two days. Having our booth situated between two pro-gay/lesbian groups and Planned Parenthood really resonated with our Answers magazine national editor, since the third issue of Answers magazine (Vol. 2 No. 1 – Jan.–Mar. 2007) will feature articles about same-sex marriages and the history of Planned Parenthood, and an article about interracial marriage. Seeing these anti-God organizations handing out material to thousands of people reinforced the importance of AiG being there to defend the family from God’s standpoint—as He designed it from the beginning—as well as to bring biblical truths about the so-called “races.” To read a full report on the event, see Crossing boundaries, building bridges.


Before I left for Mexico, Sean McDowell, son of apologist Josh McDowell, gave a presentation to AiG’s staff. I wanted to give you all the opportunity of hearing this presentation. Click here to listen.


Today, Mike Riddle and Dr. David Menton (two of AiG’s very popular speakers) leave for Muskoka Baptist Conference in Canada to give a series of presentations over the coming week. Mike and Dave will also promote the new Answers magazine—the first time this has been promoted in Canada. They will also be sharing about the Creation Museum. A large range of resources will be available. For further information on this Canadian conference, see AiG Muskoka Conference. On Saturday, Mally and I go to Greenwood, Indiana (Indianapolis area) to join with Buddy and Kay Davis for a conference at a local church. To find out more about this series of meetings, see AiG Greenwood Conference.

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