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We were encouraged to receive this report from a family who attended the conference I spoke at in Mexico recently:

The Mexican homeschool conference last weekend in Saltillo was such a wonderful time. It was wonderful for us as a family, but mainly it was WONDERFUL because the Lord brought such valuable and needed teaching to the Christian families through Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis…and now it’s all in SPANISH! All of Ken’s talks were translated on the spot by one of the best translators in Mexico! The Mexicans were so enthusiastic and receptive to the message of creation and the trustworthiness of the Scriptures--it was such a blessing to see it first-hand. The question and answer sessions revealed that many were putting the puzzle pieces together for the first time. Wow! Like, “How could God have created the plants and trees before creating the sun?” The conference brought over 1500 people! … 150 sets of CDs…went out from the conference to all over Mexico! Additionally, the sessions with Ken were video-recorded, and we can expect to see them available in DVD format possibly by December through AiG, in SPANISH. Praise the Lord!
Our video department will be working hard on getting the Spanish DVD’s compeleted.


Artificial rock layers are now being installed on the front outside wall of the Creation Museum building. This will be quite a transformation when it is finished. I have enclosed a couple of photographs showing the initial work.

082506_1.jpg 082506_2.jpg Mally and I will be in Indiana until Monday evening. Please pray for these sessions (see Indiana conference details).

Today was a looooong day! Twelve of us (including staff, consultants and various people from the company contracted to produce the videos for the Creation Museum) spent most of the day reviewing scripts and video presentations that will be used in exhibits and theatres in the Museum. It takes a lot of discussion to ensure we are portraying everything with biblical and scientific accuracy. We use various experts in the field for peer review as well. We couldn’t begin to tell you how many thousands of hours have been invested in just this one aspect of the Creation Museum exhibits.

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