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CNN had a fascinating report on a 92-year-old evolution-believing granny who started a writing career to write books for kids. The report (note the sections I emphasized) states:

Long a storyteller, Laura Lipari has started a writing career at age 92 with the publication of a children's book that tells the Adam and Eve story in question-and-answer style.


Lipari, dressed in a black and white pants suit with pearl earnings and necklace, sat with one leg crossed over the other in front a spacious marble fireplace, detailing her journey of faith from a Catholic upbringing, a survey of other religious traditions and a return to her childhood faith with a determination to study the Bible at the urging of a fundamentalist Christian friend.

"God accepts all religions if it comes from the heart," said Lipari, who sidestepped the debate of whether the Bible is literally true or a story meant to teach moral values.

"Call it what you will," she said. "Do I believe some of the (evolution) things that Darwin taught? Yes."

Evolution or not, Lipari said the goal of her book, and years of storytelling, is teaching the role of God in the world. "I tried to tell them how God created the world," she said.

Read the entire article at: CNN—A 92-year-old's Adam and Eve story

This article reminded me of the important role of grandparents. Mally and I, as grandparents of four children, are thrilled that our grandchildren are being read books about believing God’s Word as infallible, and about a literal Genesis. I’m sure you’d never guess that our grandchildren are being read books from Answers in Genesis! There’s NO COMPROMSING GRANNY in our family!!! And of course, I had to attach a recent photograph of our fourth grandchild (Kylie Renee), who is nearly a month old.


I wonder where the compromising granny’s grandchildren will be in regard to what they believe in years to come! Remember what the Bible teaches—if the salt is contaminated, then it is no good—contamination destroys.

As well as lots of meetings, today I did a radio interview with a Detroit Christian radio station.

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