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When Dr. David Crandall joined AiG to form AiG Worldwide (a divison reaching the globe with AiG resources/message etc), he had a vision to see AiG resources being translated into 100 different languages within one year. I must admit, I was rather skeptical—but just over six months into the project, 70 such translations are underway! What a praise to the Lord that is! Make sure you read Dr. Crandall’s full report that was the lead article on AiG’s website today:

AiG Worldwide---poised for global impact


Yes—today I went and saw the second in the Pirates Of the Caribbean movies. It was a fun movie—but I certainly noticed a number of interesting statements that would be good to talk about concerning the value of a human soul. I suggest you all read a review we received from Agape Press entitled: In Peril of Our Souls: Theological Considerations from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The review begins:

"Funny what a man will do to forestall final judgment." G.K. Chesterton? Soren Kierkegaard? Nope, Captain Jack Sparrow, bon vivant of the Black Pearl, desperate lover of his own hide, and armchair seminary professor in one of this summer's most explicitly theological action comedies. Okay, so there may not be too many theologically explicit action comedies this summer, but that does not undercut the surprising opportunity posed by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest to discuss the state of your soul.

You can read the entire review at: In Peril of Our Souls


A mother wrote to tell us how she told her five year old son she had been wrong about dinosaurs. Read this touching testimony:

I've been a Christian since I was 8 years old and I've always been taught that the Bible is God's inerrant Word. But I guess I didn't fully believe it absolutely until I heard Dr. Ham at the Oklahoma Home school Convention in May, 2006. Since hearing him speak on dinosaurs my entire view on the world, history, science and God's Word has been shaken--for the good!

My 5-year old son was very interested in dinosaurs two years ago and we just blindly accepted the millions and millions of years theory that all the reference books set forth. As soon as I got home from the home school convention I told him that Mommy had been wrong and that there were dinosaurs with Adam and Eve and that God originally gave the T-Rex those sharp teeth to eat big trees! His eyes were huge and his mouth hung open as I told him, but he immediately and excitedly accepted it as truth because I also told him that the Bible says that it is so. This was a proven change in his biblical world-view a week or so later.

A friend of ours came to visit and he was playing with our son and his Imaginext T-Rex mountain. Our friend later told us that our son had informed him that there were indeed people living with dinosaurs and that those sharp teeth were originally created for eating trees. How moldable that little mind is, and how ready to accept God's truth. Thank you so much for the work that you do and for being a magnifying glass for the truth that is to be found in God's Word.

By the way, you have encouraged me to go back and re-read Genesis. Everyday I have been overwhelmed at the difference in my understanding and amazement of God's design since I now have absolutely no doubts about the truth and accuracy of it--each day of creation was a real day and the flood actually covered 20 feet over all the mountains under the entire heavens.

There's so much more that God has been showing me, but I felt strongly impressed by Him to let you know how He is using AiG to speak His truth to me through His precious Word. I am praying for Dr. Ham and AiG's wonderful staff.

Well today Mark Looy and I recorded 45 of AiG’s daily radio program—we record these well in advance—but it takes a lot of work to script them and then get them recorded. I also did a one hour talk show on Janet Folger’s radio program this afternoon.

On Saturday, I leave for North Carolina for a day of ministry on Sunday at Colonial Baptist Church. One of our board members, Dr. Mark Jackson is a member of this church. You can find out details about this day of speaking at

On Monday, I will be going to Denver for he CBA (Christian Booksellers Association Convention). This is the biggest such book sellers convention in the world. I have a heavy round of engagements from Monday to Wednesday. Master Books will be releasing a number of new titles, including the book "Genesis of a Legacy" which I coauthored with my brother Stephen.

Thanks for praying—and thanks for stopping by


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