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Today we had the unique privilege of hearing from two Chinese gentlemen involved in reaching the Chinese people with the gospel. They are with an organization called "Christian Way" out of South Carolina. Dr. Wong and Dr. Wei both spoke to AiG’s staff at this morning’s chapel/staff meeting. We heard challenging messages concerning the intense persecution of Christians in China. These on fire Chinese Christian leaders spent a day with Dr. Crandall (director of AiG Worldwide) discussing many translation projects. A lot of AiG material will now be translated into Chinese.

"Christian Way" was started in Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Recently, a group of volunteers from this very church built three bridges at AiG as part of the nature trails. It was therefore fitting that I enclose photographs of Dr. Wong and Dr. Wei standing on the Arch Bridge built by these volunteers from Hampton Park. Dr. Crandall, his intern for the summer (Laura Perrien) and I are pictured with them. 070606_11.jpg 070606_10.jpg You can hear the message Dr. Wei gave to the staff by going to Dr. Wei Chapel message.


Today I spent a couple of hours with a reporter and photographer from the Associated Press. When the article is published, I’ll make sure you get to see it.


I selected this feedback from Western Australia for today’s blog:

I am writing to say thankyou for this fabulous site. My 11 year old daughter wanted to know who Adam and Eves children married and you answered the question to our satisfaction. Thankyou so much for posting the chapter from the book.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your prayers.


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