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I am currently in North Carolina to speak at Colonial Baptist Church for the day Sunday (three morning services and one evening service). One of AiG’s board members, Dr. Mark Jackson, attends this church. This evening, the two Outreach coordinators with me on this trip and I had a great time of fellowship with Dr. Jackson over dinner. 070806_1.jpgI thought it would be fitting include a photograph of the board and leadership team at AiG taken recently when the board were at the office for two days of meetings. Dr. Jackson is the fourth from the right at the front. (Dr. Crandall is the only one missing from this photograph as he was away at a conference).

For more information on the Cary programs, go to: Cary event


We so appreciated the following feedback (and the challenge given to us) received recently:

You ended the current feedback with "Sorry, but we cannot and will not compromise on the Word of God for mans ideas." That's so reassuring to know and one of the reasons why I like to give regularly to your Ministry. I KNOW that when I visit your Web site (almost every day) I can rely on your words being the cutting edge of the truth as revealed to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Please don't EVER compromise your position, no matter how strong the attacks become (and I believe they are getting stronger and more subtle as well). You're doing such a wonderful job for The Lord. I can't thank you enough.


The Answers magazine team gave me a rough print out of the next Answers magazine to comment on before it is finalized and sent to the printer. If you thought the first Answers magazine was fantastic—this one is even better! It is phenomenal! And, there are now more pages than the last one. We have increased the number of pages to give readers even more terrific information. This is the most unique family-friendly magazine designed to equip believers, challenge non-Christians and educate young people and children concerning a creation and Christian worldview that I’ve ever seen—it is on the cutting edge of the culture war! If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you do so, and please consider giving a gift subscription to a relative or friend—what an opportunity to influence the lives of others. For further information, go to: Answers magazine subscriptions.

Thanks for stopping by—please keep praying.


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