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Today the staff (all 180 of them) were invited to attend a sneak preview of the first Planetarium program. Dr. Jason Lisle (see photograph) conducted two sessions to give the AiG--USA staff a look at what will be one of the extremely powerful witnessing exhibits at the Creation Museum. It was very hard to get photographs of the dome in the dark, but we managed to get a couple of photographs that give you just a little bit of an idea of what will be seen on the dome. The photos don’t reflect the quality of what one will see sitting in the Planetarium, but I trust that seeing what is happening at AiG and this Museum outreach will excite you.

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It’s a beer commercial (so ignore that!), but you may be interested in seeing just one of the many examples of how evolution inspires advertisers. Go to The Rhythm of Life to see this example (QuickTime required).

Today I had a number of meetings and one special one with a couple of men who are involved in getting the gospel into China. We discussed many projects and look forward to some exciting things happening to reach this massive population with the good news!

We certainly need to pray for the creation ministry to influence the world.

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