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On the 4th of July, we got together with family and friends for a meal and fireworks celebration. I have enclosed a photograph of Irene White, wife of the CEO of AiG--UK, Monty White. This was Irene's first 4th of July celebration in the USA, so we put on a special fireworks display for her. I've also included a photograph of two of our grandkids who were carefully supervised with sparklers.

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Last week, a pastor told one of our staff about a conversion related to AiG materials.

The pastor told me about a young man who lived in a hippie-type commune with his female partner and biker friends. He left the commune and went to California to "party." Somehow, through his connections there, he ended up watching a Ken Ham DVD and fell under conviction. Shortly after that he fell sick and ended up in the hospital in emergency. The doctor told him he would be fortunate to come out of this with his life. From the hospital gurney he called upon the name of Christ and asked the Lord God to forgive him of his sins and to save him. The Lord not only saved his soul but preserved his life. He went back to his home state, married the girl with whom he was cohabiting, and he is now a deacon and a very effective leader in the church, both teaching and preaching the Word of God.
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