"Marine One" and a suit of armor

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There was a lot of excitement at AiG this afternoon (Tuesday). One of the helicopters (HMX-1) used by the President (designated Marine One when the President is on board) flew over the AiG (Creation Museum) facility. Apparently President Bush will be flying into Cincinnati on Friday, so the helicopter was in the area in preparation for this.

All the staff gathered in the front parking lot and waved as the helicopter made a few passes around the museum.


Today I walked through the bookstore and was amazed to see the first "stained glass window" display. It looks fantastic. The museum team is doing an amazing job and we cannot wait to see the bookstore area finished. As I was in there Patrick Marsh (Exhibit Designer) was speaking with me and told me of a "need" that he has. I thought it would be good to let you know about it and see if any of you can help. We need a good medieval suit of armor to put the finishing touches on the museum bookstore, which is themed after a medieval castle with dragons and dinosaurs. Even the bookstore will be a teaching experience for the whole family.

If anyone happens to have a spare suit of armor sitting around, we'll take it and put it to good use! Many of you may smile at this, but we've found there are people who have all sorts of unique items they have donated to the museum project. One never knows who could have access to such an item as a suit of armor!


A news story from South Carolina today announced:

Philosophers dissected the age-old dispute over teaching evolution in biology classrooms Monday as lawmakers prepared to debate its latest manifestation at the Statehouse.

A House committee will consider Tuesday an amendment that establishes how textbooks, software and other instructional materials are selected to require they "critically analyze" the subject matter.

It is the latest tactic by conservative lawmakers who want students to learn about problems in the theory of evolution.

You can read the whole article at: Debate on teaching evolution resurfaces.


AiG ministers in places we don't even know about---unless someone sends us a very touching testimony like the following:

THANK YOU so much for your ministry. I help in an inner-city church youth group with nearly 100% of the youth being inner-city bus kids with home lives that are unbelievable. The other youth workers and I started teaching the teens Bible foundations in--Genesis. We are teaching them that the Bible is the final authority, can be believed, and that it has the answer. These kids have very negative influences for all but the one or two hours we have them each week.

Right now, they are searching to see if God is real and if the Bible can be believed or if they should believe their science teacher. One girl in particular keeps bringing these questions to us that she is sure are going to stump us--about dinosaurs, the earth's age, etc. Thankfully, when the questions started coming in, I knew that I could find help on your website! Thanks to your ministry being firmly planted in God's Word and having scientific explanations, her questions are being answered. Your podcasts and RSS feeds are also very helpful. Thank you so much for your ministry!

Thanks for stopping by---and please keep praying!


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