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Stacia McKeever, one of our staff in the curriculum division, has written a book especially for children, to help them understand a God of love in a world of death and suffering. Stacia sent me this summary of the book:

With the recent spate of natural disasters and the increasing rates of violence among our youth, one of the questions that we've continually answered is "If there is a God of love, why is there so much death and suffering in the world?" Although we have several resources that help adults understand the biblical response to this questions (including the book Walking Through Shadows). I'm excited to let you know about a resource that parents can use to explain to their children the fundamentals of what the Bible teaches about why bad things happen. Why is Keiko Sick? is a new book that helps parents to have a Bible-based conversation with their children, enabling them to connect the Bible's history with the real world.
The book is beautifully illustrated by one of our graphic artists, Ingrid Beyer. Why is Keiko Sick? is now available through AiG.


I've attached a photograph of Dave Jolly (Creation Museum researcher) and me with visiting Australian geologist Dr. Andrew A. Snelling. Dr. Snelling works for ICR and is spending three days with AiG to be videotaped for a museum presentation and to help advise on creation geology matters.

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