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Suit of Armor

We did receive one email that had a possible lead on a suit of armor for the bookstore (that is themed after a medieval castle). Please pray something may come of us. If anyone else has any leads on obtaining such an item, please let us know.

Answers Magazine Website Released

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you go to the AiG website and read the release article and then see the new Answers magazine website at Many items/articles etc. will be added into this site when the Answers magazine is mailed (around June 1).

As this is the first issue of Answers magazine, most of the special web site will be available to all. However, from issue 2 onwards, subscribers will receive a special code to access most of the site—it will interact in all sorts of unique ways with the magazine. This is a phenomenally exciting part of this new project. This will be one of the most exciting tools produced by AiG. If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you do this so you don't miss the inaugural issue of Answers magazine—and so you can get your special code. I saw the final copy today as it goes to print—it is AMAZING! What a team the Lord has provided at AiG—and how we praise the Lord of the way this project has been so greatly blessed.

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