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On Tuesday (April 25), there was a major front page news story about AiG and the Creation Museum in the Chicago Tribune. Lisa Anderson, the New York bureau chief for the Tribune, visited us recently to obtain information for the story. She did an admirable job in reporting on the work of AiG and the soon-to-open Creation Museum. Here are some excerpts from the article (and a link for you to read the entire article):

Minutes from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, the location is no accident, as underscored by the airport's slogan, "Half the U.S. population within an hour's flight." [...] Inside, the museum will feature 31 rooms, 200 exhibit themes produced by a former Universal Studios designer and 55 video presentations, all offering creation science's evidence for the Genesis account. There also will be a 2,600-square-foot bookstore with a medieval castle motif, a 150-seat Noah's Cafe with dinosaur footprints embedded in the floor, an 84-seat planetarium, a 60-seat theater and a spacious refreshment area with palm trees and a waterfall.

The dinosaur replicas, many of them animatronic, are spectacular: Creationists say dinosaurs lived simultaneously with humans because their death came only after original sin. Some of the more compelling effects are in the key rooms depicting what are called "The Seven C's of History." They are: creation, corruption, catastrophe (the destruction of the world by Noah's flood), confusion (Babel), Christ, the cross and consummation (his death and resurrection) […]

Along the Creation Walk

For instance, soft lighting, gentle sounds and pleasant fragrances will mark the Creation Walk, where Adam and Eve chat with God in the Garden of Eden before they are corrupted to commit original sin by an animatronic serpent. The dimly lit Corruption galleries, by comparison, will feature videos of pain and suffering, noxious odors and the heat, literally, turned up […] Through constant speaking tours, daily radio broadcasts and numerous publications, Ham relentlessly drives home the message that Answers in Genesis "is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse." The museum, he said, is the embodiment of that and a "symbol of Christians making a stand, a physical stand here, not in a nasty, aggressive way, but in a nice, aggressive way."

You can read the entire article at: The Chicago Tribune.


On Tuesday, Mally and I (together with Monty and Irene white from AiG--UK) traveled to the town of Bedford to visit the John Bunyan Museum and other places of interest relating to where John Bunyan grew up and wrote The Pilgrim's Progress.

I have attached three photographs: (1) Mally at the entrance to the John Bunyan Museum; (2) Mally standing in front of the carved front doors (carvings based on events in The Pilgrim's Progress) of the Bunyan Meeting Hall church---a church that stands on the place where once a barn stood and was used by John Bunyan as his church in the latter years of his life; (3) The plaque in the pavement in the center of town marking the spot where the jail that held Bunyan for many years stood.


I also found out today that the online version of Christianity Today had a substantial article about AiG, the Creation Museum and the ID movement.

"We're ministering to many, many more people. We're seeing a lot of people saved," Looy says. "But the other side of that coin is if the church had been doing its job in the Bible colleges and been doing its job to equip people to defend their faith, we wouldn't be a ministry."

"Our growth really is kind of an indictment on a church that's either ignored the issue of the authority of the Bible in Genesis or even compromised---theistic evolution, progressive creation," Looy says. Elsewhere he calls Genesis the most-attacked book of the Bible.

You can read the article at: Christianity Today.

Thanks for praying. As I write this blog entry, we are preparing to go to London for the day, to visit the British Museum, Bun Hill fields (where Bunyan, Susana Wesley, Isaac Watts [the great hymn writer] and others are buried). I will then go to Revelation TV (a Christian television station) for an interview this evening.

Don't forget to check out my "phoneblogz!" I'll be leaving messages here as we tour through the UK.

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