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On Wednesday, Mally and I and Monty and Irene White (from AiG--UK) spent the day in London.

  • We traveled to Wesley's chapel.
  • Then we walked across from Wesley's chapel to the Bun Hills field graveyard where many famous Christians are buried. John Bunyan was buried here and a special tomb was built for him depicting scenes from The Pilgrim's Progress on the side. I have attached a photo of Mally, Monty and Irene standing in front of Bunyan's tomb.
  • We spent a few hours at the British Musuem. (See photograph of Mally, Monty and Irene standing on the steps of the British Museum.) It is fascinating to see the thousands and thousands of artifacts---and the overwhelming confirmation of biblical history. Because they didn't have cameras back in the days of the Assyrians, etc., artisans sculptured many pictorial representations of battles and their normal lifestyles. I have attached a photograph of a clay tablet that outlines the Babylonian account of the Flood---one of the many Flood legends that exist in cultures around the world, attesting to the fact that there was a real Flood---Noah's Flood---and the original is recorded in the Bible (in Genesis).
  • We had dinner in Chinatown and then walked to the Revelation TV studio where I was interviewed live for an hour. I have attached a photograph of the set just before the live interview started.


Our internet outreach director, Rod Martin, continues to keep us on the cutting edge of technology. He has now set it up so I can call in and leave up to four 2-minute phone messages a day---within minutes of leaving the message, the audio file is automatically posted to my phone blog. You will need to go to my blog each day to check out any audio files. Yesterday I left three such messages (one from inside the British Museum). If the signal is good, I hope to leave a phone message from Darwin's house. We are going to visit this landmark today---the house where Darwin wrote The Origin of Species---so it would be good if I can leave a phone blog right from this historic house.


We receive all sorts of feedback at AiG. Overwhelmingly, the feedback is positive. But we also receive our share of not-so-positive comments, like this one that arrived yesterday (I had to edit out some comments that were not suitable for public viewing):

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and your website's is astonishingly narrow-minded and alienated from the real world. It's interesting that you would rather refute all the evidence apparent to us through other sources merely to credit the original authors of the book of creation. It almost sounds like you're one step away from strapping a bomb to your chest and running into a museum of natural history before the children see it. I know it's hard for you to accept the truth, being manipulated and brainwashed since birth. I will pray for you to see the light, which where we come from, is produced by the combustion of natural gases.

Thanks for stopping by---and keep praying.


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