Three ways to make an apeman

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At a special lunch meeting today at the AiG office, Dr. David Menton gave a lecture to the staff on "Three ways to make an apeman!" (see photographs). As per usual, Dr. Menton gave a very entertaining but very instructive lecture. When the Creation Museum opens next year, Dr. Menton will give mini-lectures throughout the museum using his skull collection. He will also be involved with lecture series. The museum will be a very dynamic place.

By the way-what are the "three ways to make an apeman?" As Dr. Menton showed: (1) Take a human skull and use artistic license to say it’s ape-like; (2) Take an ape skull and try to make it look human-like; (3) Mix ape and human skull and jaw pieces together (as was done with Piltdown man).


We were honored today to be visited by Dr. John Whitcomb and his wife Norma. Dr. Whitcomb co-authored the famous book The Genesis Flood (the book that really started the modern creation movement) with the late Dr. Henry Morris. I saw Dr. Whitcomb five weeks ago at the memorial service for Dr. Morris.

I was able to show Dr. and Mrs. Whitcomb the museum construction and the offices. AiG will now be organizing Dr. Whitcomb’s ministry schedule---call AiG’s outreach department for further details.


On Friday around 700 AiG Museum Charter members will be visiting for a special open day. Supporters will have their photographs taken with Buddy Davis and me, and hear various talks (I will give a talk three times during the day).

Yesterday I mentioned that evolutionists claimed they had found a transitional form that showed creationists were wrong! I encourage you to read our preliminary report on this fossil find on the front page of the AiG website: Gone fishin’ for a missing link? (A preliminary response).

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