"Behind the Scenes" tour at the Creation Museum

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Charter members of the Creation Museum are given a number of special opportunities during the year to visit AiG's Creation Museum and experience a "Behind the Scenes" tour to see the construction progress.

On Friday, over 800 people turned out for the April "Behind the Scenes" program. There was a buzz of excitement through the facility today as excited AiG supporters (and guests) toured the facilities, heard various presentations and so forth.

Buddy Davis and I had a photographs taken with each family or group---I've attached some of the photographs for you.

I've also attached three special photographs:

  1. A young girl (see the photograph where I am holding her) handed me a cardboard "Noah's Ark" money box, filled with change as a donation for the Creation Museum. This young lady gave over $20 for the museum.
  2. Three Abraham Lincoln look-alikes had their photograph taken with us (in fact, the one in the middle does programs reciting Lincoln speeches).
  3. Two of AiG's security personnel were photographed "protecting" Buddy and me. (In another photograph, I had one of the security guards place Buddy in handcuffs! Yes, it was a fun day, too!).


The following testimony concerning the conference in Merrimack, New Hampshire, where I spoke recently, will really thrill your heart, as it did mine:

WOW! Here I am, feeling like an earth quake just happened in my head last weekend. I'm one of those people who got infiltrated with evolution theory at school. I finished high school in Germany 25 years ago, and evolution was presented as the breakthrough scientific evidence. I enjoyed the mystic of all the exciting research and graduated with the best grade in biology.

At the same time I was one of the few students who did not opt-out of religious lessons at school (sad fact even 25 years ago; you could choose to not take religion classes when you turn 14, and Sunday school was uncommon in Germany). Again, I graduated with the best grade in religion. It never occurred to me that there was no link between the two subjects. And the church (or all the churches that I attended since then) stayed silence on that topic. Just as you said: Dont worry about creation, just believe in Jesus.

Your conference in Merrimack was so eye opening, I wish it had never ended. I realized how messed up my brain is. I need to (re-)learn much and increase confidence in believing and presenting that Genesis is to be taken literally, but with all the material that AiG provides this is merely a question of time rather than a lack of information. My children are jumping right in: My 11 year old had a conversation with his music teacher yesterday about evolution. Comment at pick-up time from his teacher: I was surprised about Frederick. Unlike other children, who just repeat what they read in the books, Frederick came up with some really good reasons why he argued the way he did. And my 6-year old followed up on this comment with: Oh, Mr. J., when someone talks about millions of years, all you have to ask is Where you there? Although Mr. J. did not admit anything, you could see clearly that the kids got the wheels in his brain spinning.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for what you are doing! Your family must miss you a lot with all the traveling that you are doing. But it helps so much. Last weekend you touched several thousand souls, and Im sure many of us will now go and spread the word. My family and I are looking forward to seeing you again at the museum next year.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying!


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