"Missing link"?

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Today the press reported (and evolutionists were gloating over) a fossil of a fish that supposedly proves fish evolved into reptiles. The New York Times claims that the fossil is

a powerful rebuttal to religious creationists, who hold a literal biblical view on the origins and development of life


Dr. Shubin's team played down the fossil's significance in the raging debate over Darwinian theory, which is opposed mainly by some conservative Christians in the United States, but other scientists were not so reticent. They said this should undercut the creationists' argument that there is no evidence in the fossil record of one kind of creature becoming another kind.


"What more do we need from the fossil record to show that the creationists are flatly wrong?"

NY Times: Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals

I only saw the article briefly tonight, and, of course, none of us have seen a detailed analysis of what has been found---so until we do that, we obviously can't make any detailed comments on this particular find. But take note of the comments above in the New York Times---it will be interesting to then compare these comments to what a creationist paleontologist actually states about this fossil (assuming we can get the data we need). Stay tuned---I assume we'll have an article on our website soon, but we don't want to rush into things, as it is important to get all the data we can first.


I've attached a few photos taken in the auditorium where I spoke to the Word of Life Bible Institute students. Dr. Jason Lisle continues our creation series through Friday.

After I spoke on creation evangelism, a Japanese student came and told me she totally identified with what I said. She said that people shared the good news of the gospel with her in Japan, but she didn't understand it. Then one day, someone gave her a creation book (a small number of creationist books have been translated into Japanese), and she said it was then that she started to understand what the gospel was all about---before that time she didn't understand because she didn't know about the foundational knowledge of the gospel in Genesis.

Well, I had an uneventful trip home---lots to catch up on back at the office tomorrow.

Thanks for praying.


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