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AiG recently acquired an elementary science curriculum that is ardently creationist. I’ve attached a news release below concerning this thrilling opportunity the Lord brought to AiG. The two photographs show the authors (Richard and Debbie Lawrence) holding the contract with myself and Dale Mason (VP of Media and Marketing). The other photograph also includes Dan Zordel (Director of Product Devlopment) and Gary Vaterlaus (Manager of Educational Resources).

Answers in Genesis (AiG) has entered into an exclusive publishing agreement with the authors of the God’s Design science series, a complete curriculum for grades 1 through 8 in life science, earth science, physical science and chemistry. Written by veteran homeschooling parents Richard and Debbie Lawrence, this curriculum approaches science from a biblical worldview, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world and showing how real science supports the biblical account of creation.

According to Ken Ham, popular creationist speaker and president of the fast-growing Answers in Genesis ministry (which is also building a 50,000 square foot Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio), “This is an exciting opportunity for AiG to have a part in influencing the Christian school and homeschool movement with a biblically based curriculum that is ardently creationist. These comprehensive textbooks include short, easy-to-teach lessons that allow parents the flexibility to work with multiple ages at the same time.

What started out as frustration for Debbie Lawrence as she tried to find a biblically-based science curriculum for their own children, (both Debbie and Richard are trained as electrical engineers) soon became the genesis of the God’s Design series. That was in 1999. Debbie said that it was through her frustration that she realized there must be other people who feel the same way. So to market they went. Their first book focused on God’s design for life and was published in 2001. In addition to three life science books, the complete series also includes eight additional texts , covering God’s Design for Heaven and Earth, God’s Design for Chemistry and God’s Design for the Physical World. These science books (now 11 in all) have received outstanding reviews from educators and homeschoolers alike. Many users share that the kid-friendly, hands-on activity in each lesson makes science not only interesting, but fun as well.

When the Lawrences sent their curriculum to Answers in Genesis in hopes of an endorsement, God answered their prayers in a big way. Not only did AiG endorse it—but they offered a unique publishing arrangement that includes making the series an official AiG product and upgrading it in the months to come. “We are very thankful that God brought the God’s Design curriculum to our attention,” said Dale Mason, Vice President of Marketing & Media at Answers in Genesis--USA. After searching for a science series that stays true to the Genesis account and is not biased by the beliefs of secular scientists “it was obvious that this is a solid product with huge potential.” As exclusive publisher, AiG will honor and expand the Lawrence’s existing distribution network. AiG will also promote the series via its hundreds of annual speaking events, daily radio program, quarterly magazine, popular web site and its newsletter that is mailed to over 80,000 homes each month. “This is a win-win relationship. We’re delighted to be able to take the Lawrence’s high-quality content to the next level.”

Authors Debbie and Richard Lawrence were thrilled to be approached by Answers in Genesis---an organization they greatly respect—to help more parents teach their children how to stand up for their faith and develop a solid, biblical worldview. Now they share a common passion with AiG to teach children the wonders of God’s creation. The God’s Design series will soon be available at the Answers in Genesis bookstore or by calling 1-800-778-3390.

OHIO EVOLUTION PLAN VOTED OUT The news services today reported that the Ohio State School Board voted out a lesson plan in the state science standards that suggested students look for evidence for and against evolution. In reading the reports, it is so sad to see school board members who don’t understand the meaning of "science," and don’t understand the difference between "observational science" and "origins science." However, secularists again have intimidated such board members to allow students to even consider problems with evolutionary ideas. I have written an article on this news story that will appear on our website Wednesday morning.

EVOLUTION "PRAISE SERVICES" On February 12, over 400 churches celebrated "evolution Sunday" (read our earlier report). The Denver Post had an interesting article on what some churches in its local area did. Here is a quote from the article:

Heads bowed, the congregation thanked God for science. They sang praises for "tall boiling test tubes" and "classrooms and labs." It was "Evolution Sunday," celebrated on Charles Darwin's birthday at Christian churches across the country that say evolution does not conflict with biblical creation stories. Almost 450 churches, including 11 in Colorado, held adult education and Sunday school classes on evolution, and ministers preached that followers of Christ do not have to choose between creationism and evolution. At the progressive Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ in Denver, a congregation seven pews deep followed a creation reading from Genesis with a contemporary hymn marveling at how God works through science. "Engines and steel. Jack hammers pounding. Classrooms and labs. Tall boiling test tubes. Sing unto God a new song," they sang. Later, Pastor Dan Geslin led them in prayer: "Whether you created in an instant or the evolution of the eons, we are grateful for the gift of life."

You can read the full article at: The Denver Post

Lots of other exciting happenings today—but I’ll keep those for tomorrow. For instance, we had some special visitors—a former youth pastor and a businessman who are leaving for Ireland as missionaries.

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