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An exciting new division of AiG was launched this week—AiG WorldWide, under the leadership of Dr. David Crandall. If you haven’t read the article on our website about this today—please make sure you do. You will be so excited.

After the first week at AiG, Dr. Crandall sent me this email:

The first five “literal 24 hour days” that I have spent at AiG have been filled with wonderful joy and great anticipation.

On February 6th I received my official lanyard with my staff ID and thus began the first five days in this ministry. I have been received by a very exciting team of visionaries who are determined to make an impact for God around the world. I found the staff at all levels to be highly motivated professionals that are laboring at warp speed to make this ministry happen.

It appears to me that the entire AiG family has endorsed the worldwide ministry vision and the support has been overwhelming.

I have experienced the “WOW FACTOR” as I have wandered through the maze of offices and the under-construction Creation Museum and grounds. For the first time in my life I took a prayer-walk amongst full-size dinosaurs and reptiles.

I have been in gospel ministry for nearly 40 years and can honestly say that I have never had a more exciting week in serving God. I can’t wait for week number two.

Dr. David R. Crandall Director of AiG WorldWide

In response to Ken Ham's blog today regarding the derogatory Los Angeles Times article, Ken is correct that attention like this, though misrepresentative in content, is still good publicity. I became aware of AiG from the 60 Minutes TV interview they did with Ken last year, & now I'm a proud Charter Member of the Museum (& look forward to soon becoming a Lifetime Member). Keep up the truly good work, & don't be discouraged by any bad press. God is capable of using these scoffers now the same way that Sennacherib & Nebuchadnezzar were unwittingly used. God enters into these things to work good!
Well, the good thing is they spelled my name right!


Sculptors Carolyn and Stephanie proudly showed their finished rhino! Lots of intelligence went into this model---it didn’t happen by random processes!

It’s exciting to see things coming together at the Creation Museum.


We received this email today:

Please consider coming to Hawaii, especially the Big Island of Hawaii. It would be a real special event for us that live here. We usually get somewhat passed over. Besides, the climate is pretty nice. Thank you for consideration.
I think I hear a voice calling me...

As well as various meetings today, I was interviewed for six radio segments to be broadcast on radio (Praise 1070) to advertise our conference in Louisiana coming up in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and please, keep praying!


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