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We had some very special guests at AiG headquarters today (see photograph) from Hong Kong---and you’ll be fascinated and excited to know why. The Lord is opening so many opportunities worldwide, we can hardly keep up with it!

Hong Kong Noah’s Ark Museum partnering with AiG--Worldwide!

Mike Zovath and the museum team have been working with a group of Chinese Christians who are developing a museum attraction in Hong Kong that will feature a full-sized Noah’s Ark. Andrew Yuen and Angela Kwan are the lead content developers for the project. They and their group were thrilled with their tour of Creation Museum today and encouraged by the progress they saw. Both Andrew and Angela were here three years ago this month in the middle of a Kentucky snowstorm for their first visit (we only had the building foundation in the ground at that time). The group said that they recognize that AiG and the Creation Museum are the best model in the world for them to use as a pattern for their project and are looking forward to teaming up with AiG--Worldwide to reach millions of Chinese with the creation/gospel message. We also discussed a number of significant translation projects that will help us to get AiG materials translated into Chinese and then distributed through their Ark Museum and through our website.

This is a unique opportunity and tailor-made for our AiG--Worldwide vision. Their Ark Museum is located between the Hong Kong International Airport and the city center, right on the major connecting freeway, so everyone who comes to Hong Kong will see the Ark as they travel to the city! It is part of a larger city attraction and has the potential of hosting hundreds of thousands of Chinese and international visitors. It will be a tremendous way to have AiG materials in Chinese and English spread throughout Asia! Look for more about this exciting worldwide outreach later this year.


A.J. Jacobs is the author of the bestselling The Know-It-All (published by Simon and Schuster, a major New York publishing house). Now he has another contract with Simon and Schuster, and is writing what's called The Year of Living Biblically (to piggyback off the well-known Mel Gibson movie of the 1980s called The Year of Living Dangerously).

As A.J. writes his journal, the NBC-TV program Dateline is following him as he goes on a year-long quest---travelling across America---to talk to both Christians and orthodox Jews, and determine for himself whether or not the Bible truly is God's Word. Describing himself as someone who comes from an "agnostic Jewish" background, A.J. is a delightful young man who is a sincere seeker. Several AiG staff enjoyed spending time with him today (he was here for almost eight hours). Pray for A.J.---biblical truths were shared with him all day, including the gospel. We will let you know when Dateline airs its program on A.J.'s odyssey and when his book appears (most likely in the spring of 2007), both of which will feature our museum.

I spent a couple of hours with A.J. (see photograph of A.J. and I conversing). He asked me questions like, "Who was Cain’s wife?", "How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark?", "How do creationists get 6000 years for the age of the universe from the Bible?", etc.


We had more special guests on Tuesday visiting with us to brainstorm about their new missionary endeavor. Pastor Mark Jones and Tim Laughlin will soon move to Ireland to bring the creation/gospel message to that country. They want to use AiG resources as part of their outreach program. Visiting with them was Dr. Don Sisk, former president of the missionary group BIMI (Baptist International Missions Inc.) and a former missionary in Japan for several years. He was in the area speaking at a church on Cincinnati's east side. As president emeritus, Don still travels and speaks on behalf of BIMI. He was particularly thrilled to pick up AiG materials in the Japanese language, and to meet Dr. David Crandall, AiG's new director of worldwide outreach. Attached is a photograph of Mark Looy, Carl Kerby and the three guests.


The Australian office of AiG announced in a news update that they will be changing their name soon.


Dr. Monty White, director of AiG--UK was thrilled to know that Dr. Crandall (Director of Worldwide Outreach) has now come on board. Dr. Crandall has already made contact with the UK office to work out how he can assist them as they continue their outreach into Europe---and particularly Eastern Europe. Dr. Crandall has contacts in 140 countries with teams of translators who know how to produce the highest quality translations. AiG--UK and AiG--USA work very closely together, and now will even work more closely with this phenomenal global vision with AiG--Worldwide.

Well, it was a busy day today. Tomorrow, Dr. Jason Lisle and Buddy and Kay Davis and I leave for a conference in North Carolina.

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