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One of our most popular AiG speakers, Mike Riddle, received this email from his daughter, about his granddaughter, Taylen:

Our daughter Taylen Langin (Taylen is the one standing in front in the attached photograph) just celebrated her 6th birthday January 27th, 2006. Instead of having her friends bring her presents, she decided to have them bring the money they would have spent on a present to donate to the Creation Museum at AIG. Taylen decided to give her birthday money ($5.00) to the museum and another little seven year old gave a dollar of her own money.

We had the opportunity to visit AIG back in November 2005 and take a tour of the museum. We were so impressed! Taylen wants to help AIG finish the museum so more people can learn about creation and Jesus. God bless your mission and we look forward to visiting again when the museum is complete.

Blessings, Raoul, Jamie and Taylen Langin

Names of all those in the attached photograph: Jamie and Raoul Langin, Taylen (6), Kinsey (3), and Trenton (1)

Thanks Taylen, what a blessing you’ve been to the AiG Creation Museum!


In a previous blog, we had some fun interacting with a reader about the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the Pittsburg Steelers. After the Steelers won this past weekend, I received this feedback:

Just want to reference a previous feedback letter i sent a month or so ago, by saying that Steelers, (read mankind), has indeed taken his rightful authority among all God's creation by defeating Bengals (feline), Colts (equine), Broncos (again equine) and now, Seahawks (birds of the air) in the process of becoming Super Bowl Champions. It would have been nice to see the Dolphins (creatures of the sea) and Behemoth and Leviathan (dinosaurs) in that list as well.

Anyways, I just had to write.

Ken Ham comment: Yes, it's a fallen world! God even used wicked kings for His purposes!


It is so gratifying to see this sort of feedback. Paul Taylor works with AiG--UK and writes regularly for the AiG website:

Just finished reading the feedback article for the week of January 30, 2006. Thank you to Paul Taylor for his gracious, well researched, and truthful response. The gentleman from New Zealand seems to believe that only uneducated people adhere to a creationist view and/or question evolution. That of course is not true. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology received from a secular university, and I currently teach math and science at the secondary level. I 100% agree with and wholeheartedly support the positions upheld by AIG.

I too find the "evidence" for evolution totally unconvincing. Mr. Taylor said it well; "when viewed without prejudice, the scientific evidence is entirely consistent with our rational presupposition in the Creator God of the Bible.

Thank you so much as you stand for the truth. Your work is bearing fruit all over the world. You are definitely on the front lines which gives you opportunity to share the truth with those who might otherwise never hear.

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