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The first morning service at Faith Church of the Valley in Chandler, Arizona, was filled beyond capacity this morning (Sunday). People came from many different churches in the Phoenix area. I've attached a photo of the auditorium and then the area outside the lobby were the books were located---people purchased most of the two pallets of resources we sent to the church.

While people were coming in for the second service, a man (with his wife) came up to me and pointed to his t-shirt. He had a Reasons to Believe logo on his shirt (this is the organization headed up by Dr. Hugh Ross, well known for his day-age / progressive creation compromise position).

He then said he was head of the Arizona chapter of Reasons to Believe and that he came to hear me. He sat on the front seat right in front of me. I gave the same message I was going to give, which deals with those who compromise millions of years and the "big bang" with the Bible. I pray that this visitor was challenged by what was said.

One lady came up to me and said, "thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you … ." She said she couldn't thank me enough for what the ministry meant to her and her family, and that she was using AiG materials to influence many others.

A number of people from other churches told me they were using AiG videos and books to try to influence people in their churches. A man came to thank me for what the ministry of AiG meant to his life---and then tears came to his eyes. This has happened so often---I've had many tell me that hearing our messages was sort of like a conversion experience and a dramatic point in their life.

A lady who had a bout with cancer couldn't thank me enough for what the ministry meant to her. A high school teacher in the public schools said she is doing her best to witness to students and thanked me for our material.

Many told me they can't wait till the Creation Museum is open and they want to be there for the opening.

There were lots of other testimonies---people were really enthused!

I'll be back home tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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