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Editor’s Note (April 26, 2016): Please see our disclaimer about Mr. Jeffrey A. Hawkins.

Recently, AiG purchased some automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that are now installed in alarmed cabinets. Hebron Fire Station personnel came today (and will return Thursday) for training classes for the staff on how to use these devices to save lives. I praise the Lord for our head of security, Jeff Hawkins, who is so diligent in making sure we have the right equipment and are all trained correctly.


The first of our two security vehicles (see photograph) with the new decals went on "show" today! One of our staff, who used to run a body shop, went over this vehicle to make it look new. He and another staff member then worked on the decals. AiG now has 24-hour security at the museum facility.


Wednesday begins two days of meetings of the board of directors at the AiG offices. The members of the board arrived tonight, ready for a busy two days.


Dr. David Crandall officially joined the AiG staff this week to begin setting up AiG Worldwide. AiG Worldwide will focus on translation ministry, seminary library ministry, and international pastors training ministry. I will tell you more about this as we progress. Today was Dr. Crandall’s second day on the job and he received an exciting and unique opportunity to be able to speak to the leaders of all the Christian schools in Asia in March! I believe we are in for exciting times. You will be able to read a lot more about Dr. Crandall’s appointment to AiG in a lead article on the AiG website later this month.

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