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This morning at the Outreach Division staff meeting, Mark Looy, on behalf of AiG, presented a special plaque to "Junior" and Deborah McComas for their sacrifical volunteer help with various seminars. The photograph shows "Junior" with the plaque. We praise the Lord for the many volunteers who help in lots of different ways at AiG.


Today I was interviewed for a live current affairs program on Christian radio, and then was interviewed by a reporter with a Columbus, Ohio, newspaper. Such media interviews are almost a daily occurrence at AiG.


I thought you would all like to see a sunrise photograph taken outside the staff lunchroom at AiG—yes, that does mean there are staff who like to get an early start to the day!


You will be as thrilled as we were to read this feedback from the Zanesville seminar:

Dear Ken Ham and AIG, Greetings of grace and peace and God's blessings to you! We were just in Zanesville Monday evening, having driven 2 1/2 hrs. with our family and young people from our church to attend. We were so blessed and encouraged as we always are! It was great for us to see the young people's interest, and hear their comments on the way home!

Our children (ages 5 and 3) were waiting anxiously for Monday evening ever since we told them we were coming! They remember Ken Ham and Buddy Davis from a year ago in Pittsburgh, and were soooo excited. They were quite sad that Buddy didn't bring Proto along! They listened with interest through all the talks, and we are so thankful for the blessing of your ministry to us, and just love the answers you help us find to the pertinent questions of today. We are so thankful and our little ones just love accounts from Genesis. Our 5 year old's favorite "preaching topic" when they play church is creation!! We are so excited for the Creation Museum, and can't wait to come!! Be encouraged--you are battling not flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of darkness! We pray for you and your ministry often.

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