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Our special guest speaker this morning was Tim Laughlin. Tim and his wife Kathy (together with their daughter) are currently raising support to begin mission work in Dublin, Ireland.

Over the years, Answers in Genesis has had some significant meetings in Ireland and Northern Ireland (remember the meeting in Belfast that was said to be the largest Christian gathering of its type in recent history---see these blog entries, some of my earliest). Tim is enthusiastic for AiG’s message and to use creation evangelism.

Not only will Tim get connected with the AiG--UK office (under the leadership of Dr. Monty White), but AiG--USA will do whatever it can to work with them to reach people in Ireland with the gospel.

The first photograph is of Tim and his wife Kathy, together with Mark Looy, myself, Ted Laughlin (Tim’s brother who works at AiG), and Ted's two sons, Jeremy and Chris.

Pray for the Laughlins as they leave a secure job, home and family to travel to a foreign land to reach people with the saving gospel message.

Today I had a number of meetings with the Outreach Department as we plan for the future. Exciting things are happening under the leadership of Tom Miller, the director of this division.

At noon, Bodie Hodge (manager of our Answers Department, one of our speakers, and my son-in-law) gave a lecture presentation on the 7 C’s. Our review team then met with Bodie afterwards to constructively critique the talk. Bodie has now developed a number of presentations and is enthusiastically received as a speaker.


Every time one of the Ankerberg debates (between myself and Dr. Jason Lisle, and Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser) is aired, we receive a number of emails at AiG. This is one received this week:

Brother Ken, I saw a few minutes of a debate you had with Hugh Ross aired on the John Ankerberg Show. I was impressed and encouraged with your knowledge, patience and desire to stay focused on the Scriptures despite your evidence falling on deaf ears. Please accept my gift to your ministry as a thank you for defense of God’s Word from “the very first verse.”
(You can pre-order the DVD at our online bookstore.)

Tomorrow (Friday) I fly to Phoenix for a museum fund-raising banquet and a speaking engagement in a church on Sunday morning at Chandler. While on the plane flight I hope to script out another set of radio programs for our 90-second program that is now on over 780 stations across the nation—I need 45 programs every two months!

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