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The big news today was that our eldest daughter Renee and her husband Bodie (both work at AiG—see attached photograph) announced that they took Genesis 1:28 (“Be fruitful and multiply") to heart! Mally and I will become grandparents again around July 13 this year (this will be our fourth grandchild).


Today I received a touching letter from a young child—see the attached scan of the letter so you can read it for yourself. It's thrilling to know this ministry is influencing young lives and helping parents raise up a godly generation who will uphold the authority of God’s Word.


Nearly 1,000 people turned up again tonight (Tuesday) for the final evening of the Zanesville, Ohio, conference. Dr. Jason Lisle spoke on astronomy and the Bible, and then on creation and the Flood. Many resources were purchased and will be influencing more lives.

Well, tonight I finally finished my March letter that will be sent out to our supporters. Earlier today, along with other meetings at the office, we had a long leadership team meeting. How I praise the Lord for the eight people on AiG’s leadership team and their tremendous professionalism, dedication and camaraderie.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying.


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