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I finished my sessions in Zanesville, Ohio, tonight (Monday). Dr. Jason Lisle will speak at the final two sessions Tuesday evening. Mally and I drove home after my last talk—we’ll be in bed by 1:00 am.

During the break tonight, one man told me that he gets "upset" and "angry" when he listens to our talks—but not at us! He gets upset and angry at his schools, church, etc., that didn’t teach him the truth concerning creation and Genesis. Another man told me he appreciated the fact that the material was presented in an easy-to-understand way. "That will stick with me," he said.

People obviously loved Buddy’s concert tonight—they were clapping along and singing with him. It was great to experience the atmosphere.

I always get excited to see people carrying away armloads of books and DVDs as they were this evening—more "Christian PATRIOT missiles" to fight this spiritual battle.

We had 1,200 in attendance at Zanesville on Sunday evening (we had to use the overflow room). On Monday night we had over 1,000 cram into the auditorium. We were thrilled with such a response from a small town of 25,000 people. Some people told me they drove over an hour each night to attend. There were also a significant number of people from Mennonite churches who attended the seminar—AiG has quite a number of supporters from the Mennonite community.

I have to write our next monthly letter and lead newsletter article tomorrow!

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