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Today we commenced our AiG conference in Zanesville, Ohio. I spoke during two morning services and then again this evening to an overflow crowd in the 900-seat auditorium (see photographs). There were a lot of good responses. I had two different sets of parents ask me for advice as to what to get for rebellious teenagers who have been influenced by the world against believing the Bible. I praise the Lord these teens will now get some great resources---a bit late, sadly---but I pray the Lord will use them to turn these young people around.


It is so encouraging to read testimonies like this one we received this week:

I wanted to let you know what a blessing Answers in Genesis has been for me since I found your website. I've been a big fan for many years, but felt the need to contact you today to let you know what AiG has done for me. Having been raised in a Christian home I've always depended on, and believed in the Lord. However, as I began to grow up in my high school and college years many different views of the world were thrown at me attempting to discredit my beliefs. I used to think that Genesis was just a story and that a majority of the happenings from the Old Testament were "fairy tales" and not the truth. However, I would always scoff when evolution and the earth being over 4 billion years old were taught to me. But I never had any "proof" to back up my beliefs.

Now that I've found Answers in Genesis, I can go to the "Answers" section and find whatever information I need on nearly any subject. If I cannot find the answer there, I simply type in what I'm looking for in the search engine to find the information that I need. Then I take the information that I've found and e-mail it to myself for my own records. I'll title the information in the subject line of the e-mail with a general term like "evolution" or "carbon dating" so I can search my "database" when questions come up. And the Feedback Forum...WOW!!! I love when a closed-minded non-believer (or believer) contacts AiG and you can feel the disdain, anger and disbelief in their e-mails as they question an issue they assume they are correct about---only to have nearly every single line dissected and corrected with kind words and a few facts of clarification from the AiG doesn't get much better than that!

Your website has definitely strengthened my faith and I can't get enough of AIG. I just wish your group was around when I was in high school and college. Your group doesn't come across as "Bible Beaters" who I think sometimes give Christians a bad name and drive believers from the church. Your group merely presents the information and people can make their own decisions based upon it. I now view myself as a Christian Apologist and if anyone says anything negative about Christianity in my presence, I'm now able to combat them. Thanks for everything that your group does and I can't wait to make the trip to Cincinnati to visit the Creation Museum upon it's completion.

Keep up the great work. You're a beacon for Christ.

Tomorrow morning I speak to a group of K--6 students with Buddy Davis, then there is a junior/senior high program in the afternoon, followed by two sessions in the evening. Mally and I are driving home after the evening session (which means an early morning arrival in Kentucky!)

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying.


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