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Tonight I hosted a special speakers dinner at a local restaurant. We invited our full-time and part-time speakers to come in for a special writing seminar (Tuesday). We met for a time of fellowship and catching up on the latest exciting happenings at AiG.


The Grand Canyon is taking shape at the Creation Museum. Most of the major pieces of this exhibit are now installed. It is amazing how this exhibit changes the feel of things as one leaves the lobby. I'll get some photos tomorrow to inlcude in the blog.


Many of you probably know that I use poodles as part of my talk on natural selection / genetics, etc. This helps make what would be a boring topic to some a little more fun! People also know I don’t hate these dogs -we have a Bichon Frise (a dog that looks much like a poodle). I also wrote an article on poodles to summarize my talk. Well, a poodle lover found my article on our website and wrote to us today:

I was looking for info on my poodles, since I am new to this breed. I was kind of disturbed by the article you had entitled "Were poodles created by God?" Poodles are considered a "seminole" breed that go back to German, not French origin and though not as far back as dogs that descended from wolves or jackals or other wild species are not really considered a genetically 'man-made' breed. Most of the genetic problems in these dogs are a result of breeding down the standard to a smaller and smaller size...probably not the wisest choice, I agree. Even wolves have some genetic problems...natural selection within the pack being a good deterrent but not always 100%. I am a Christian who believes in the beauty of God's evolution, in that he created the potential in all living things to grow and change for their survival...something no scientist could ever hope to do on any substantial reason. I have never understood the fight between creation and evolution. If God is the creator, why does it matter HOW he did it? Not to go on, but I love my dogs because I am allergic to most of the shedding breeds and was overjoyed to learn that I could ever have a dog and share that with my six year old. Taking care of animals is healthy for young kids and good therapy for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to listen.
Well you can’t please everyone all the time! And truly-I don’t hate poodles! In fact, I've helped make poodles famous’so much so, people now send me poodle toys and I have them all over my office! Instead of collecting stamps, I’m thinking of just collecting poodle toys!

(As an aside, the question "could God have used evolution?" is a good one. You can read the answer here: “Why wouldn't God use evolution?”)

Well, never a dull moment at AiG.

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