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A young man came up to me Saturday night at the meeting at Costa Mesa and said, "you've done something no one else has ever done---you've caused me to doubt evolution." Well---that's a start! Pray for that young man.


On Saturday, I spoke twice at Grace Community Church (see photograph) and then traveled to Costa Mesa to speak at Calvary Chapel Saturday night. At both places, we had to have the books on tables outside (see photograph) as there was no lobby to set up the book tables! We were just glad this is California---typical, beautiful California "winter" weather!


A few of the MANY highlights:

A man told me he used our DVDs a lot in jails and gets great responses from the inmates.

I had three young men come and ask me how they could become speakers on creation and perhaps even work with AiG. I told them the first thing to do was to enroll in "Creation College" this year (our special conference this coming June)---I know two of them have enrolled. Our previous Creation College nearly two years ago proved very popular---this year is also gearing up to be very well attended.

Two public school teachers asked me how they can reach the students in their classes without causing problems with the ACLU/administration, etc. These teachers are trying to be missionaries in the education system. I shared with them ways of teaching about "science" and "evolution" that helped educate the students how to think correctly about the issues, without being overtly creationist.


On Saturday night, many people stayed for a question time---we had to cut it off so we could be driven two hours to our hotel in Lancaster (north of Los Angeles)---I will be speaking today at two morning services, then two lectures this evening (see details here).

Well---four hours sleep last night and we have to get up early Monday morning to fight the traffic on Freeway 405 to get to LAX to fly home. Yes---we're on the road again!

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