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Tonight at the meeting at Lancaster, California, a college student told me that she attends a local secular junior college and that her science professor is a Christian and creationist. She said she has a good friend who pays a LOT more money to attend a Christian college in Point Loma, California, and that her friend's professors at this Christian college are ardent evolutionists. Her friend is confused over what to believe in regard to the creation/evolution issue. How sad---but how typical of so many Christian colleges today.


Another college student told me she was brought up on AiG material since she can remember---she said as a result she has never doubted her faith, and she is able to defend her faith.

A man told me that today he read A is for Adam to his daughter who has Down Syndrome---he said she loved it and he believes she understood it.

Many homeschoolers told me that AiG material is an integral part of their curricula and very important to them and their children.

Mally told me tonight that she could tell I was getting tired! She said that when I was talking about Behemoth in Job 40 and discussing the fact that many commentaries say it was a hippopotamus (which doesn't make sense because of the tail like a Cedar)---she claims I said "platypus" instead of "hippopotamus". I must be over-tired! (or still thinking about my holiday in Australia!)

It's been a very busy, but rewarding weekend. We have to get up early in the morning to travel to LAX---one never knows how bad the freeways will be---so we will get up at 5 am.

The people at the church purchased so many books this morning, we had to get one of our staff and a pastor from the church to take a van down to Grace Community church and bring up the leftover boxes of books from Saturday. There wasn't much left in the way of books/DVDs at any of the three locations this weekend, people were so hungry for the material.

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