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The first family I met tonight at Grace Community Church told me, "You changed our lives … well, we should say the Lord used you to change our lives." This family then went on to explain how their lives were set on fire by the creation ministry and how they were using AiG materials to share with others. I had someone else say much the same thing later on that evening.

One young man told me he was attending a well-known Christian college in Southern California, and all the science professors were ardent evolutionists—so he changed his major to music as he didn’t want to be indoctrinated by evolutionary ideas. It is so sad that many Christian colleges compromise God’s Word in Genesis.

A father introduced me to his son and said that he is attending a secular college, but that he was brought up on AiG materials since he was a young boy—now he has answers to be able to defend his faith.

I received many more testimonies from those present. Several remarked how important it was for them to begin to understand genetics and the kind/species issue. There is no doubt this is a big stumbling for many.

Well, it’s 2:00 am Kentucky time, so we need to get to sleep as we have to arise early in the morning for a day and evening of speaking.

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