Is religion a source of abuse or confidence?

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There is an interesting article from the UK Guardian about the person who has now become the world’s leading spokesperson on evolution—Dr. Richard Dawkins. This article is worth reading as it also highlights the fact that atheists are on the move to attack what they call "religion." This article is actually a commentary on Richard Dawkins' new TV documentary attacking religious people. Here is a quote from the article:

Second, Dawkins mounts a charge of "child abuse" against religious education; it manipulates childish minds, inculcating in them a terror of hell and damnation. On this argument, I'm with Dawkins for a while; he's right that many religions have a horrible habit of using fear to shore up their authority. But that's only part of the story - religion can also provide children with a deep sense of confidence from the teaching that they are each precious in the eyes of God, of reverence for their gift of life and of ethical bearings. His conclusion is that no children should be exposed to religion until they are old enough to make a choice; anything else is indoctrination.

To read the article, go to this link: No wonder atheists are angry: they seem ready to believe anything

We flew home from California today. We have a busy week ahead of us: recording another 45 radio programs Tuesday morning, being interviewed by the BBC, a pastors' luncheon, and many different meetings.

We were saddened to hear that John Pence’s mother passed away on Sunday. John is AiG’s legal counsel, Director of Planned Giving, Board Secretary, and a member of the AiG leadership team. Mally and I will be attending the funeral on Wednesday afternoon. Our prayers are with John and his wife Lisa.

We also had a sad report today about an AiG staff member who has been on long-term disability for many months as a result of cancer. Please pray for Karen as the cancer has metastasized to her brain and spine—also pray for her family as they struggle through this situation.

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