Christian Leaders on Fire

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Today I spoke to around 180 Christian leaders in New Jersey as a lead-up to a major AiG family conference in January.

The response was exciting. We offered them a special book and DVD pack, as well as other materials—they were lined up for an hour afterwards buying resources. Many also lined up to talk with me—here are just some of the comments:

1. One person told me that because he was taught evolution at school, he believed it and then made many decisions in his life that had terrible consequences. He said that from a human perspective, it was AiG’s teaching that brought him to Christ, though he knows it was ultimately of the Lord. Now he is leading others to the Lord.

2. Another person said that from what he’s seen across the nation, AiG has had a significant impact on the evangelical church—he was so impressed with how many pastors across the nation have been helped by AiG.

3. One pastor thanked me for helping them know they can answer questions and don’t need to be intimidated by scientists. He said something like, “you keep saying, the answers are really easy—you don’t have to be a scientist to understand this.” He was so thankful to know he could have the confidence to answer what the secular scientists are saying.

4. One African American pastor said that his denomination needed this message at its major pastors’ conference in June—he said he would be working to see that happen.

I received many other great testimonies. As soon as most of the Christian leaders had left, my phone rang—it was a reporter with The Bulletin in Australia. This is one of the major newsmagazines of Australia. We spoke for over an hour. I spent 30 minutes at the restaurant speaking with him—then for over another 30 minutes in the car while one of our staff was driving us to Newark airport. Usually I help with directions, but this time I couldn’t, and we took a wrong turn. When you take a wrong turn on these freeways in the East (I think they were built by evolutionists because they seem to be a mess!), it can take you three days to recover! Anyhow, we eventually made it to the airport, even if a little later than we originally hoped.

I believe the conference in January is going to be well-attended—the auditorium holds around 2,500—but we are concerned about overflow. Also, they will be running a simultaneous translation in Spanish in the gym. There is a big Hispanic population in the area, so this could be a major outreach to that community also.

Tonight I’ve been reviewing our end-of-year report for supporters and a redesign of our newsletter. Between that and phone calls from staff, board and others, I need to say gidday to my wife!

This was my last official speaking engagement (other than a couple of talks I’ll be giving at our museum complex) for the year. What a heavy (but rewarding) year it has been.

Keep Defending the Faith

It is a joy to receive feedback like this:

Dear Mr. Ham, Our school is a Christian home school co-op, and in science class my friend showed us this comic strip that was in the paper. It said “A long time ago there was nothing in the universe. Then over a period of time there was a little dust speck. Then millions of years later it evolved into different chunks of metal. Next they took shape of springs, screws, nuts and wheels. Then they put themselves together and formed a watch. Oh yeah and another thing, it wound itself and it still works till this day. If this seems far-fetched to you, ever hear the theory of evolution?” I thought that was one of the coolest comic strips ever!! I hope you like it, because I sure did. And thank you again for all you have done, you have been such an inspiration to me, I hope to join you at AiG soon! I’ll keep praying.

And keep ‘Defending the Faith.’

Thanks for praying,


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