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How blessed we are at AiG. The Lord brings so many special people into our ministry.

Today, Bill & Agnes Minnich, a delightful, godly couple arrived at AiG to present the Creation Museum with a very special fossil that has been in their care for many years. Valued at over $25,000, this fossil is very rare (we know of only one other in the world like this). I have enclosed a photograph of the fossil and one of me being presented with the fossil at the office today. It is a fossil in exquisite detail of a fish caught in the act of swallowing another fish---this could not have been a slow event. Whatever happened had to be a catastrophic event---consistent with the Flood of Noah’s day.

I had the opportunity to give this special couple a tour through the museum. What a delight to fellowship with such a wonderful couple. They were so enthused and want to be able to give more unique, spectacular fossils to the Creation Museum.


Earlier this year, my brother Stephen and I were videotaped at the Creation Museum special effects theater speaking on the topic of the family and how to raise godly offspring. We included our testimonies concerning the spiritual leadership of our father (and our mother) and this influence on our lives. We also each wrote a number of chapters for a book on how to raise godly offspring in an ungodly world. Today I met with an editor who has been commissioned to put this book together to make it into a powerful publication for release early next year. We went through the details of the chapters and various transitions needed, etc. Please pray for this book that we believe will bring a unique perspective for parents to help them in producing godly offspring.


This afternoon I spent an hour with a reporter for Spain’s second-largest newspaper (but the most popular news website in Spain), who spent the day at the museum. He was extremely impressed with what AiG is doing. He explained that people in Spain (and all across Europe) look at believing in creation as an "American thing."

Many AiG staff will be away next week for Thanksgiving. Mally and I will be hosting our friends Larry and Marion Pierce from Canada for Thanksgiving---this is the couple who translated Ussher’s The Annals of the World from Latin, and Larry is the programmer who produced the Bible software program we sell, The Online Bible.

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