Somalis and Cain’s Wife

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Today, I received this email from Germany:

Thank Brother Ken Ham for his teachings toward the Authority of the Bible. As I was reading the Book of Where Did Cain get His Wife, as we was not have the true answer of that. But here in Our local Somali Fellowship we teach that how that happen according the Ken Hams writing as we are trying to translate as normal sheets into Somali language, people let understand that.

One never knows where AiG material will end up in the world. What a thrill to receive this feedback.

I flew to Pennsylvania today for a speaking engagement. At 3 pm, I received a call from an Irish reporter who wanted to interview me for an article he was writing on the Creation Museum for an Irish newspaper—he said he only needed five minutes . . . one hour later . . . . Anyhow, I pray the article is positive and accurate.

Child Saved

I'm on the road right now traveling from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. I spoke tonight to 500 people at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit. I'm not driving, of course! But I am using my Verizon broadband wireless connection to access emails. I must admit, I'm tired and we still have a fair way to go. I'm speaking to 200 pastors at a luncheon tomorrow (Thursday)—my last official speaking engagement of 2005 (other than a fund-raising banquet at the museum in December).

When I'm road-weary (and it's been a heavy year), I must admit, the following email reminds me of what AiG is all about—and makes it all worthwhile. It speaks for itself:

Mr. Ham was recently at our church (First Baptist of Powell). The conference was wonderful. During the conference he spoke about the resources out in the hall. One book in particular, A is for Adam, he said more children come to know Jesus through that book than any other. Naturally, my ears perked up and i bought the book. My 4 1/2 year old, Lily, and I read the book everyday for a week. The next week i lost my car keys and my husband and I were frantically turning the house upside down. I saw that Lily was reading the book the best she could, but my attention was on my keys. When she got to "God's plan", she read through each picture, and then looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said she didn't want to go to hell. She said she wanted to be where Jesus and her mommy and daddy was going to be. My little girl bowed her head and asked Jesus into her heart that day. We had a "re-birth" birthday party that night. It was glorious. I thank God for your ministry and how you have touched our lives.

What a way to end the evening!

Thanks for praying,


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