One of "those" days

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It started at 4:45 am for our trip to Kansas for a conference I am speaking at---we got up, then loaded the rental car to head for the airport. We stopped to fill up the gas tank---the first gas station didn't accept credit cards! We then found another gas station. I put my credit card in at the pump and it asked for your zip code. So I put the zip code in and it said "go see an attendant." So Mally took the credit card in to the attendant---but the attendant said I needed to specify an amount. I said that I wanted to fill it up and didn't know what it would take, but I was told either give an amount or no gas! So Mally told her $20---the attendant charges my card $20. Then I fill up the tank, and it takes $11.59. So then the attendant has to credit my card for $8.41. Who wants to live in California?! Of course, all this took twice as long as I had planned!

We then drop the rental car off and get to the airport to find the security line was across the street! Groan!

We board the plane and we are WAY down the back, right next to the engine---may as well have been inside the engine if you ask me. By the time we arrive, my ears are ringing!

On the plane I told Mally I was looking forward to just getting to bed early, as I wasn't speaking until Saturday. As soon as we arrive in Wichita, my phone rings---our seminar coordinator tells me the organizer of the Worldview conference changed the schedule and I have to speak at 7:00 pm. Problem---we had arranged for a supporter to pick us up and take us to the town (75 minutes away) where the conference was to be held. We were then going to have dinner. However, we now had to go straight to the conference for me to get there in time to speak.

Just as I'm about to get my luggage, my phone rings again---this time it's the BBC from London. They want me to debate a Kansas school board member about the new science standards---they want me on the phone at 8:10 pm (which is 10 minutes after my newly scheduled lecture is to finish). They then interview me for 15 minutes to find out the sort of things I will say. They also want a landline for the live interview on BBC radio---so I have to make a call to see if I can use a phone in an office at the church where the conference is being held.

We finally get underway to get to the conference. We arrive and I get to the auditorium, which is already full of people. I have to set up my computer---I get everything ready, and accidentally press the off switch and my computer shuts down! Now there is only a couple of minutes before the program commences. I get the computer back up (after what seemed to be millions of years as Windows did its usual thing!), and we find the projectors all need adjusting. Someone puts my microphone on, knowing I will have to go by faith that it will work as the evening program starts!

The first part of the program goes later than it should---which means I have to run from the auditorium to answer the BBC call.

Yep---one of those days!


I debated a school board member from Kansas about the new science standards on BBC radio. During the debate, she said she's a Christian, but she knows God has nothing to do with science, only the comparative religion classes. I then challenge her that in the science classes students are being taught the origin of life, of animals, of the universe, etc., in an atheistic way---how does she allow that as a Christian? Then she gave me the quote of the debate, "Well, I went to my pastor and he told me I was on the right track---and anyway, the Pope said you can believe in evolution."

Well, I did get some great responses tonight after my lecture. One man came and said, "You are an answer to prayer---I was beginning to doubt the Bible---thank you, thank you."

Tomorrow will be a busy day---I give tonight's talk at 8:00 am---and then I give another talk twice (there are two auditoriums because of the overflow crowd).

Well---you can see that we need constant prayer as we travel and have to cope with rental cars, airline schedules, airport security, schedules that are beyond our control, technology, and of course, secular media and more. It's exciting serving the Lord!

Thanks for stopping by and please---keep praying.


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