Does the press get it right?

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An online newspaper from Florida featured a story today (Saturday) on a lecture to be given by Progressive Creationist Hugh Ross. According to the reporter (and one does have to be careful with the accuracy of newspaper reports---I speak from experience), Ross purportedly said that AiG is "anti-intellectual" and "terrified of science."

Here is a quote from the article:

Ross is not a "creationist" who thinks that the universe is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs and humans coexisted. He accepts the scientific consensus that the universe began with the Big Bang about 15 billion years ago. This raises hackles among some very conservative Christians.

The strongest criticism Ross encounters is not from scientists or theologians but from so-called 'young earth' groups such as Answers in Genesis who insist---based on a strictly literal reading of Genesis---that the universe was created in six days of 24 hours each. Ross calls these groups "anti-intellectual" and "terrified of science."

You can view the whole article at: Lecture Planned on Intelligent Design


I spoke three times today at the Worldview conference in Kansas. So many people came and gave me positive comments and exciting testimonies.

It's so thrilling to have a lady come up and say, "My children heard you 10 years ago---it had a great impact on their lives---you have been a great influence on them ever since."

A lady handed me a thank you card---and in it was a gift certificate---a special gift because she wanted to encourage us and say "thank you" for the ministry.

A biologist told me that the old video series with myself and Gary Parker produced in Australia 20 years ago had a phenomenal effect on her life and the lives of the many she shared them with over the years.

Another lady came up to Mally and specially thanked her for supporting me so I could do this vital ministry that meant so much to this lady in her life. I might add that behind the scenes, without the loving, supportive wife I have, I could never do all the things you read about in these blogs. Mally has never complained---she sees her role in supporting me so people can hear the vital creation/gospel message. Many don't know of the sacrifices she has made over the years---it's so hard being apart as I travel, and that gets harder the older we are. We don't lead "normal" lives with all the pressures. We live and breathe the creation ministry, and have done so for 30 years---but she would never change any of it knowing this is what the Lord called us to do---we are in it together.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we need to arise fairly early to get to the airport (which is over an hour away) so we can get back home---flying through Dallas. As I said to Mally, "Just think---after Sunday, I don't have to fly again till Wednesday!"

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