My Visit to ICR

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Today I visited some of the staff at ICR and discussed future cooperative ventures. While there I was also able to say “gidday” to my Aussie friend Dr. Andrew A. Snelling—one of the few PhD creation geologists. Andrew actually is flying back to Australia today (Friday). AiG and ICR are the two largest creation organizations in the world—it’s good that we can work together for the sake of the Lord’s ministry.

I also visited our old pastor, Tom Chesko. I enjoyed a great time of fellowship with him.

Buddy Davis on the Radio

Buddy Davis recently spoke and conducted a concert near Toledo (OH) sponsored by radio station WPOS. Here is an example of the feedback Buddy received:

Dear WPOS: Thank you for providing a wonderful evening for my son, his friend, my 3 nieces, 1 nephew, and me! I have wanted to do something with them for a while now and the Buddy Davis Concert was perfect!

They all LOVED him and the next day I heard them telling the rest of our family about him and the things he did, said, and sang about.

Who knows what seeds were planted that night, but I’m praying many were!

More Requests for Buddy

This email was received today:

Dear Buddy, I am on the air at Sound of Life Radio in New York. My wife and I do a children’s program on Saturday’s and I also do regular Christian Music on the air. We use your music and have had a great response. I am interested in doing CD and video giveaways once or twice a month and would like to discuss doing this with your product. We are commercial free and listener supported. My general manager has also asked that I find out how we could sponsor your coming to our area. We broadcast to six states in the North East and are live on the internet. We are located in Kingston, New York.

Tonight Mally and I relaxed with our friends the Jones. We watched a couple of videos using my PowerPoint projector projecting onto the wall of their house—it was like being at the movies!

We have to get up early Friday morning to get to San Diego airport and fly to Kansas, where I will be speaking at a large Worldview conference—in fact, I have to do my talks twice so the crowd can be accommodated. For further information, go to the Answers in Genesis events page.

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