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Because I am out of the office so much of the time doing speaking ministry, I can’t possibly do all the television and newspaper interviews that are constantly conducted here at the Creation Museum. This morning, for example, a crew of three from a program called Spiegel TV in Germany toured the Creation Museum and interviewed Mark Looy, our CCO. The Spiegel correspondent, Karin (see her on the left in the photo), was very impressed with the museum, and used the word “amazing” a few times, Mark informed me.

Mark also told me that when the program airs throughout Germany (probably this Sunday, but the schedule is subject to change), he believes it will be a balanced television report.

In addition, Karin is a correspondent with Spiegel magazine (perhaps the most-read magazine in all of Germany), and she told us that her visit to AiG will probably turn into a magazine article as well. This prominent weekly news magazine is like the German equivalent of Time magazine or The Economist in the UK.

After the two-hour interview at AiG, Karin and her Hamburg-based video/audio crew visited a nearby homeschooling family that uses AiG materials for their six- and ten-year-old daughters. (In the photo, the homeschooling mom, Heidi, is on the right, and Karin is on the left.) As we understand it, home education is not allowed in Germany, so homeschooling in America is something of a quaint notion for Germans.

In addition, Mark and I have been interviewed by an Israeli newspaper on the creation/evolution controversy, and how the Creation Museum is already prominent in this battle. We sent some museum photos and graphics to that newspaper today, and we will let you know how that article turns out. As you may recall, I spent several days speaking in Israel this summer, and so I have a renewed burden to reach the land of Christ with the creation/gospel message.

The international media contact us on virtually a daily basis now. Just in the past few days, we have been visited here by two Australian TV crews representing two different networks, a TV crew with France's version of 60 Minutes, a reporter with an Italian newspaper (Il Sole), and a Brazilian paper called earlier this week and may visit. In addition, our local FOX News channel was here last week. We praise God for all these opportunities.

Imagine how busy we will be with the media when the museum opens in 2007!


Today, Jon and Sue Jones, and their son Austin, took us for a boat trip from San Diego Harbor to Mission Beach. We had lunch at a café at Mission Beach, and then returned to the harbor where Jon showed us his skiing skills. What a great day of R & R---though I must admit I received a number of phone calls. In fact, right before I hopped into the boat, my phone rang, and it was a reporter with the Sydney Morning Herald (one of Australia’s leading newspapers) wanting to interview me. I spent nearly 30 minutes talking with him.


Hi Ken, I love the encouraging feedback you provide, and wanted to give you a little more. A sixteen year old young man who believed strongly in evolution attended a series of four presentations I gave at a local church, beginning with "Evolution's Phony Foundations". He was very skeptical at first, later read The New Answers Book 1 in one day, and by the end of the fourth week was insisting that his family plan to visit the Creation Museum. What encouragement such transformations give us to keep up the fight. Blessings on you and yours.
I listen to CKOE in Moncton [New Brunswick] and they have litle sound bites of Answers Radio and on those sound bites they give a web address. One day I visited the web address. I have found it to be a virtual fountain of answers, information, and a good tool for defending the faith. I have bought a lot of material on line from your site as gifts for Christmas for those that are searching and for my brother and sister in Christ... and for their kid, D is for Dinosaur! I cant express how thankful I am for this web site and for the radio sound bites. I now know that evolution is a lie from the devil. I now know that what we are being taught as fact about the past is fiction (for the most part). Because of this ministry, there is clarity in my thinking and a deep desire to learn the truth about science in this world. I come from a family that has great faith in "evolution and science", not in God's Word. So to me it is all the more important that I gain a good grasp of the scientific aspect of the Bible and supporting science, so that I can show them bit by bit how their whole life long belief system was a lie from the devil, hopefully bring my parents and sisters to know the blessings of Christ. Without the information from AIG, I would not be able to do that.
On Thursday I am going to visit with some of the people at the Institute for Creation Research, and also with the pastor of the church we used to attend in San Diego---he has remained a close friend since we moved to Kentucky.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying,


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