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Today we drove from San Bernardino to San Diego. Mally and I had lunch with two of AiG’s supporters—we had a great time of fellowship for a couple of hours.

We then traveled to the home of our friends Jon and Sue Jones. They used to help us mail out Creation magazine when we started offering subscriptions using our home (when we lived in Santee/San Diego) as a base around 16 years ago. We had a great time tonight showing photographs of the Creation Museum construction and catching up on old times!

AiG-inspired Web Site

I get so excited to read responses like this one we received today:

That guy did a fine job on the action figures (see the blog for this past Monday)

I love AiG, and I love all you guy’s. Thank God for AiG. My brothers started a web site called inspired by AiG’s website. It’s Christian apologetics. With AiG being the site where he gets info for it.

Exciting Voice Mail

The following is the transcript of a voice mail left at the office today:

I am so thrilled—I just got my shipment of books in from you guys. Man, I want you to know there’s a little guy out here in Okmulgee, Oklahoma (which is nowhere), praying for you. I hope to one day join the fight to spread the message that there is an alternative to evolution. You guys have impacted my life so much and it has changed me and I want to hopefully share this with others and maybe it will have the same effect on them. After all, isn’t that our main course? So, thank you so much. Bless you all and know that I am praying for you every day.

We praise the Lord for the impact He’s making through us around the world.

Well, I hate to make you all envious, but tomorrow, our friends are taking us out on the San Diego harbor! We’re looking forward to a relaxing day.

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