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The Creation Museum received a mention in an article in today's USA TODAY newspaper about the creation/evolution issue and the new evolution exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Partway through the article, we read:

"Creationism, the belief that mankind developed as told in the Bible, is also the subject of museum exhibits. And The Creation Museum, a $25 million, 50,000-square-foot center expected to be the largest of its kind, is under construction near Cincinnati and set to open in 2007."

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Today was the last day of the conference here in Highland (near San Bernardino). Over 1,000 students turned out for the two school assemblies.

Tonight I spoke on creation evangelism and the origin of "races"/racism. Afterwards, one lady came up to me really struggling because of racial issues in her family (marriage issues). I challenged her to do what is right biblically, regardless of what others say. It's an important issue for her because it involves a relationship with one of her daughters.

Again, lots of testimonies---quite a number of teenagers who thanked me profusely for helping them stand on the authority of the Word.

On Tuesday morning we are leaving for San Diego. We met some friends for lunch, and then on to stay with some friends in Santee for a couple of days for a little "R and R."


Terry sent this report about his recent New York ministry---I have also attached photographs he sent as well:

The time at the small Gospel Community Church in Coxsackie, near Albany, NY, was full but good. I felt a little odd however because I quickly learned that I had a small family! Many families in the church have 10 or more kids, including the assistant pastor who has 11 very well-behaved children. I ate most of my meals with them as I stayed in the church’s missionary cottage right across from their 200-year-old restored farmhouse (with lots of neat old wooden beams, doors and floorboards).

The two pastors came to all my sessions, even my talk Sunday afternoon (on the 7 C’s of history) to about 50 K--6th grade kids and my Monday morning talk (on dinosaurs) to about 180 kids and parents from the church and two Christian schools in nearby towns (that talk was a bit of a challenge because the kids ranged from K--12th grade, but the kids asked questions for two hours afterwards). The pastors both expressed how helpful all the lectures were to them personally.

One lady spoke to me after the Sunday morning service and said, “I’ve always believed in creation but had those millions of years just floating around in my head. I didn’t know what to do with them. Now it is so clear why I can’t accept them. I feel so embarrassed that I didn’t see it before.” I assured her that I didn’t see it either, without someone else’s help.

Another lady told me the sad story of her son going to a Bible school in Israel where they taught him that the first 3 days of creation are not literal days. He was there on Sunday morning. She said with excitement, “This message was just what he needed to hear. I don’t know what he’s thinking right now, but what you said about how this is foundational and affects so many other areas is so true. He came back from Israel saying, ‘Hey, Mom, they have nude beaches in other countries and it's no big deal. Anti-nudity is just an American thing.’ But you showed him it’s not and the foundation is in Genesis.”

Attendance Sunday and Monday nights was greater than they have had for other special events in the past, one of the pastors said, showing the interest people had for this kind of information. One couple in the church, who heard Ken Ham speak at a homeschool convention in 2004, covered all the financial costs for this seminar, because the church at the moment was struggling a little financially. What an impact they had on the church through their sacrificial giving.

There were so many encouraging testimonies and questions!

One other encouragement came Monday night at supper with the assistant pastor’s family. He said that after my talk to the kids on Sunday, in which I had ended with talking about the 7th C (Consummation) and talked about our names being written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, his five-year-old daughter came to him and said, “Daddy, is my name in the Bible?” He said, “Well, sort of, Eliza. We named you after the prophet Elijah.” She started crying. “Honey, why are you crying?” “Why isn’t my name in the Bible?” “Well, it is, sort of. [And just then he realized what she was asking.] But that is not the most important thing. What is important is that you have your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” And right there he explained the gospel and led her in the sinner's prayer. That is what AiG is all about ultimately---helping people, young or old, come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. People can believe in creation and still go to hell. They need to repent of their sins and trust in the atoning death of Christ to be brought into a right relationship with their Creator.

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