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At the church in Highland this morning, a young man (homeschooler) showed me some action figures he modified to look like Ken Ham and Buddy Davis! I have attached two photographs showing the figures! He had Buddy Davis dressed in his "uniform," hat and all! He had me with one of our creation ties. Too fun!


I have attached a photograph showing part of the auditorium I spoke in today. People were very enthusiastic---lots of great testimonies. I spoke at the two services this morning and then had lunch with a number of teachers and their families---we had an extensive time of questions. We then had an early session at 4:30 pm---people were so hungry for the messages, most of those who attended the two evening sessions turned up for this early one as well. Altogether today I spoke six times---exhausting, but very rewarding when so many people come and tell me how much the ministry has meant to them---many telling me how they have been able to give answers to their children, and how thankful they are for this.

After just one day, we are already out of many of the main titles of books and certain DVDs! People "vacuumed" the resources off the tables. The people are very hungry for the information.

I know this is brief. It's 2:00 am and on Monday, I speak four times during the day---so I'd better get some sleep!

Thank you for your prayers---and thanks for stopping by,


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