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For the 11:00 am session at the AiG conference at Schroon Lake, NY, we did something a little different. Dr. Dave Menton was scheduled to do some illusions for Buddy Davis’s children’s workshop. Surprisingly, Dr. Menton, who is a professor of anatomy, is a great illusionist. For the first 20 minutes of the session, we combined the children and adults and Dr. Menton made rings join and un-join, and water disappear into paper, etc. Adults and children alike loved it. Doing this sort of thing also breaks down barriers---it shows that even though we are out in front doing the lecturing, we can have fun like anyone else. I’ve attached a couple of photographs of Dr. Menton doing his "rings and things." I’ve also attached a photograph of Schroon Lake taken today (Saturday)---you can still see some of the "fall" colors.


I often give testimonies from adults that I receive at conferences. Today I received a number of testimonies including some from children. Here are two special ones:

1. A 12-year-old boy came up to me tonight after I gave my talk on creation evangelism, and said something like, "Mr. Ham, that was one of the best sermons I have ever heard. Thank you so much. I really loved it."

2. An-8-year old boy also came up to me after the same talk (creation evangelism) and said, "Mr. Ham, I really love your talks, and I took notes." He then held up his notebook where he had been taking notes from the talks we gave.

I often look at youngsters like these and think, "I don’t remember being able to think like that at eight years old!" But isn’t it exciting to see youngsters like these so enthusiastic for the messages we give? These are the youngsters who will take our place in the future: God is raising up more and more people like this to stand for Him.


I had a man tell me he is a retired professor from Stanford University, and he became a Christian as a result of the creation ministry. Another man told me that his faith has been so strengthened by our messages. He said that over the years positions like gap theory, theistic evolution, etc., made him feel uncomfortable, but now he knows he can stand uncompromisingly on the Scriptures---he was very thankful. A pastor and member of his church want to use the new Answers Academy curriculum for the whole church. Many others told me how they are going to be using DVDs, curricula, etc., to reach their church and others in their area.

Dr. Menton and myself speak Sunday morning at Word of Life (and Buddy Davis will sing), and then we travel home.

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