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Over lunch after the close of the AiG conference at Word Of Life in New York, a number of people independently said that Dave Menton, Buddy Davis and myself make a great team. We do work very well together---we all have the same warped sense of humor! We have fun as we give our presentations, even having "digs" at each other and so on. People not only get the information we give in our lectures and songs, but they enjoy listening. I praise the Lord for the way in which He has brought not only the three of us together, but all the staff at AiG who work as a "great team."


We have a number of secular media visiting AiG this week. Please pray for the TV interview I have with ABC Australia Monday afternoon around 4:30 pm. I will fill you in each day on the secular media group visiting and how it all goes (from our perspective anyway---who knows what they will do with the interviews when they broadcast them!).


Just as we were about to leave Schroon Lake today, one man came and said, "the teaching these past three days has been one of the major highlights of my Christian walk."

So many couldn't say enough to thank us for the information they received and how it will help them in their own personal lives and in witnessing to others.

One man asked me if I could get hold of the sermon of my late brother Robert where he said that "death, disease and suffering is normal in an abnormal world and we live in an abnormal world because of sin." He read this quote in the book Walking Through Shadows and said this meant a lot to him. He went on to relate that he has suffered from all sorts of physical problems---and he's been told it's because of personal sin and other failures. After reading this quote in the book, it enabled him to see things from a different (biblical) perspective. He said he would love to hear the whole sermon my brother preached using that quote, as it has meant so much to him. One never knows how the Lord will use something we say to minister to others. My brother has ministered to more people through his death (such as through my section of this book written about him) than through his life. If you have never read the book Walking Through Shadows I encourage you to do so. Many have said that it gives answers to the death and suffering issue that most books do not have. We have received testimonies from so many people who have said this book made all the difference in their lives as they coped with problems and tragedy. For information on this book, go to: Walking through Shadows.

I attached two photographs of Schroon Lake, New York, from just in front of the beautiful Word Of Life Inn where we stayed.

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