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Mally and I, Buddy Davis and his wife Kay, and Dr. Dave Menton are currently at Word of Life at Schroon Lake in upstate New York for a weekend family AiG conference. A few hundred people are booked in for the three-day conference.

Buddy kicked off the conference tonight (see attached photograph) with a concert. We then spent some time at the Garden Café eating ice cream, beside the heated swimming pool.


I had a number of people give me testimonies this evening, such as:

  • A man in a wheelchair told me he had read a number of AiG materials. He had an accident that caused him spinal damage so he is confined to a wheelchair. He said he read the book Walking Through Shadows and it greatly helped him and his wife cope with this tragedy. He really was glowing about the effect of the book on their lives.
  • While I was eating ice cream with my wife, a lady came and asked if I would autograph the book Walking Through Shadows for a young family man who lost his wife. Apparently he had been through all sorts of grief counselling which really didn't help. This lady thought our book might make a big difference in his life.
  • A man introduced me to his teenage son, a sophomore in high school. He said his son has followed me since he was two years old and is now the local creation expert in the area they live in. The father wanted advice concerning his son's future---what to study so he could prepare himself for creation ministry.I have met many young men and women like this who say they want to study so they can eventually join an organization like AiG. I think there are more budding creation scientists coming through the ranks than people realize.
  • Another man gave me a flyer tonight advertising his local creation ministry. He said he is always on our website, has all our books, etc., and now is conducting his own creation ministry to get the message out. We encourage this sort of thing as the more spreading the truth of God's Word beginning with Genesis, the better.

We flew from Cincinnati to Albany, New York, today. I thought that it would be easy for Delta airlines to get our two suitcases and one box to us. However, after we arrived (just over one hour later), our two suitcases came---but no box. (I wasn’t surprised---Delta has misplaced my luggage a few times this year! I think they must have a record in the computer that says "make sure you misplace Ken Ham’s luggage!") The luggage representative called the baggage handlers but they said it wasn’t on the plane! Frustrated, we left for the hour-and-a-half drive to Schroon Lake. About 20 minutes later, the airport called---they found the box in the airport at Albany. They had unloaded it and sent it to the wrong place. We had stopped at a restaurant for lunch, so we went back and collected the box and started our trip to Schroon Lake---for the second time that day. Just the "fun" part of dealing with the airline industry!


Awhile back I heard you on an interview with a couple of disc jockeys in Seattle. The station was 107.7 FM. Anyhow, before you came on they were going on and on about how "silly" your ministry sounded and they were gonna just be able to tear you apart. I snickered to myself as I thought they have no idea what they are in for. You were awesome. Gentle yet assertive. You had answers. You even presented the gospel! Amen, brother! After you left the show they kinda' stammered a bit and said "Wow, we needed an archeologist or something!" They truly sounded blown away. Maybe they went home that night and read their Bibles? Thanks you for taking a chance to be hammered on an antagonistic radio show. God got all the glory that day!" (Washington, USA)

Bodie heads up our Answers Department (thousands of emails and numerous phone calls are answered each month) and also has trained to be an AiG speaker. He also married our eldest daughter! Bodie spoke in Mason, Ohio on Wednesday night and sent this report:

Last night I spoke at a church in Mason, OH to a Jr. High and High school age audience for about an hour and then had a Q&A. There were a few adults present as well. I gave a relevance talk with a summary of “What is science?” since I knew the students just completed a study on science and a creator. During the Q&A, I helped answer questions regarding:

1. Evolutionary frauds 2. Distant starlight 3. Design features 4. Evidences that confirm a young earth [like salty seas] 5. Irreducible complexity 6. ID and the public classroom 7. Chronologies and genealogies

Afterwards, I received some great comments about AiG and the talk:

1. A student told me afterward that he uses the AiG website for papers he researches and even to help him understand issues better so he can be a better witness to his peers and teachers. 2. One person said they really respect AiG for their kindness and sincerity at getting the materials out to churches and pastors. 3. I discussed responses with one student when he deals with the argument of relative truth, which has permeated the culture and has its roots in anti-God philosophies. He was excited to hear how to respond to that. 4. “We loved that message!”

We continue with the AiG conference tomorrow (Friday). I am also being interviewed by a reporter for a newspaper on Friday evening.

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