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This week could be called "fossil week." Fossil expert Joe Taylor (creationist and friend of AiG) has been spending the week classifying AiG’s extensive fossil collection. Joe told me today he was quite surprised by the quality and extent of the collection. He is going to have to come back and spend more time before he finishes all the work that needs to be done just to sort and classify all the specimens. Many of these will eventually be housed in various exhibits in the Creation Museum.


Today an Italian reporter spent a few hours at AiG. He was clearly very impressed with the facility and the size and scope of the Creation Museum. He talked with me for over an hour-and-a-half about the creation/evolution issue---but also to understand what is meant by "ministry," "evangelical," "born again," and so on. He also videotaped me explaining what the museum’s main objective is---and as I told him, "it is to tell the world that the Bible’s history is true concerning creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, etc.; therefore, its message of the gospel and morality is true---the Bible really is the Word of God and it tells us who we are, what our problem is (sin), and what the solution is in Christ."


On Monday afternoon, a TV crew is coming to film me on behalf of ABC Australia. They will have a phone hookup with a reporter in Australia who will ask me questions live, and the camera will record my answers. They will then get this to Australia for showing on ABC television.

The television program 60 Minutes, from Australia, and a French 60 Minutes-type program are coming this week.

Just before I left the office this afternoon, the local FOX news affiliate called to set up a time to come and do a museum update.

Tomorrow (Thursday), Mally and I will meet Buddy and Kay Davis at Cincinnati’s airport and fly to New York for the Word of Life Family conference this weekend.

I spent six hours today talking with one of our consultants as we implement AiG’s strategic ministry plan and continue to plan for the future vision of the ministry.

Please pray for the upcoming media interviews.

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