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CNN had an article on Friday about antibacterial soaps. The article concerned whether these soaps were really effective or not. However, in the middle of the article was the following quote:

"What we're seeing is evolution in action," he said of the process.

He advocated restricting antibacterial products from consumer use, leaving them solely for hospitals and homes with very sick people.

"Bacteria are not going to be destroyed," he said. "They've seen dinosaurs come and go. They will be happy to see us come and go. Any attempt to sterilize our home is fraught with failure." You can read the whole article at: "Do antibacterial soaps work?".

Bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, etc., is often quoted in newspapers, students' textbooks, and TV documentaries as a great example of evolution in action. However, AiG has numerous articles that have dealt with this issue to show clearly such a phenomenon has nothing whatsoever to do with molecules-to-man evolution: "Superbugs not super after all".


On Tuesday, I included a link to AgapePress ("Ken Ham: Intelligent Design Not 'Christian' --- but Not a Bad Thing Either") concerning an article where I was quoted in regard to the ID movement. We found out that this report was used as a basis for an article on a Dutch website. There is no doubt that news sources all around the world are reporting on the creation/evolution/ID issue in the USA.


I have mentioned before that we are now offering a very special 125th anniversary reprint edition of Pilgrim's Progress (including seven of Bunyan’s other books and his last sermon, etc.). We also are offering bookends sculptured to look exactly like the sculptures on the side of Bunyan’s tomb. One bookend has Christian with his burden on his back and the other with the burden coming off his back as he kneels before the cross---it’s the gospel message portrayed in two sculptures! The first of these numbered sculptures arrived at the office on Friday---they are fantastic. We are using the sculptures as a Creation Museum fund-raiser. To find out more about the book and the sculptures, go to the specials page at our online store.


We had a fund-raiser banquet at the Creation Museum Saturday night. A total of $250,000 in cash and pledges was received---with promises of more to come as some will make arrangements for more financial help. Only $6.75 million to go!

I spent Saturday morning editing 45 radio programs that we will record Monday morning, and then spent Saturday afternoon working on my PowerPoint presentations.

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